John Waters

John Waters; Portfolio: Visual Chemistry, Untitled - Last Supper, 1988 

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BASICS: (Please refer to ‘Basics’ on Year three POMO page).

Refer to Core Media for semiotics/simulation/media material.

Introduction Cinematic modernism

Enunciation Metz    Grand Theory David Bordwell

cinema_of_attraction Tom Gunning

Montage in Soviet Art and Film Bordwell     Rhetorical Tropes

Avant-Garde Cinema of the 1920s   Derek Jarman Lost Leader

The Mysteries of Cocteau's "Orpheus"

Documentary Film and the Modernist Avant-Garde 

Cocteau Revisited     Derek Jarman's "Modern Nature"

Derek Jarman Lost Leader   Problems of Represent in Jarmans Blue

  frampton Metahistory of Film    Harun Farocki

Experimental Cinema in America     Hollywood Extras LA Avant garde

Image and Title in Avant-Garde Cinema  

Jean Cocteau- Theatre as Parade     Léger's Cinema on Paper & Cellulose

M Barney Neo-Avant-Garde Blockbuster     Manovich 10 Key Texts on Digital Art

On Cocteau     Poetry in Three Films of Jean Cocteau 

Practices in 60s 70s Avant-Garde   Surrealist Cinema to Surrealism in Cinema

The Avant-Garde Industry      The Case of "Ballet mécanique" 

The Case of Maya Deren     The Cinema as Art Gallery 

Art and Film    Bizarre - Kenneth Anger   Harun Farocki

Illuminating Lucifer   Inflammable Desires   

Projected Image in Contemporary Art   The Work of Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Rhetorical Tropes   Avant-Garde and Theory   Notes on Some Films by Andy Warhol

U.S. Avant-Garde- Maya Deren   New Experiments in Cinema

Experimental film   LMeek-Journal_of_Themes_in_Kenneth_Anger_Films

towards_an_ecocinema    Scott MacDonald’s Critical Cinema

 Bordell Cognitive Film Theory      Cognitive Avant-garde Peterson


Experimental Film Club




Mash, Robert Altman, 1970


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